24 Best Folding Desks For Ongoing WFH Days - Fold Up Desks

2022-01-03 15:28:38 By : Mr. Kevin Shang

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Yes, even your tiny flat has space for a home office

Lockdown is over, but many of us are still working from home. In fact, many of us might never have to commute to work ever again. So, until Covid-19 is a distant memory, we reckon it's a good idea to keep our homes decked out with a functional (and fabulous) office setup.

But carving out an office space at home is easier said than done if you're squeezed into a tiny flat, or your partner has bagged the prime spot in the spare room. (And, over a year on, we are really done with trailing laptop wires across the dining or kitchen table.)

The solution? Invest in a folding desk. These create an insta-place to pop your cuppa and your laptop during office hours without getting in the way on the weekends or while you're trying to cook – or entertain, when we next can. There are two types of folding desks, depending on your needs: wall mounted options that make for a handy shelf when not in use, or standard floor desks that can be collapsed and hidden away in a cupboard.

This depends entirely on your interiors vibe and your needs. Floor-standing desks usually give you more space to work with, overall, but you will have to find somewhere to keep your stuff safe when they're tucked away. Wall-mounted options might be smaller, but you can store your laptop, pen pot and notepad inside them when you're done for the day, which is incredibly useful. Plus, the top of the desk usually gives you room to place a small plant or a candle, which makes your space that bit more enjoyable to sit at all day.

If you have a large enough place for a floor desk (plus a spare cupboard to keep it in), then this might be the better option – especially if you're a renter and drilling into the walls is a hard 'no'. But we'd recommend studio flat-dwellers or those with limited places to hide clutter in wall-mounted folding desk instead.

Finding folding desks that are chic as well as functional isn't easy – but we've found 24 options that we'd be proud to give room to in our homes. After all, working from the sofa is so 2020.

Chic, minimal and under £100 – what's not to like?

Dimensions: H74 x W80 x D45cm 

This option is less than £100 and has nearly 3,000 five star reviews on Amazon, so it's definitely one to consider. With its black frame and dark wood top, it'd look very at home in rooms with a more industrial vibe.  

Dimensions: W100 x D50 x H75cm

If you just need something simple to tide you over until you head back to the office, this no-fuss folding desk will do just the job. Choose from a black, white or black and oak finish.  

Dimensions: H84 x W86 x D62cm

No under-stair cupboard space to store your desk when you're not using it? Well, this one hangs on the wall, thanks to the handy bar along the back of the frame. It's also height-adjustable, which is nice. 

Dimensions:  H91 x W83 x D60cm

It's also available in concrete-effect, if you prefer a more industrial look.  

Dimensions:  H85-91 x W83 x D60cm

No frills here, but this is a real steal at just under £40, so we're not complaining. 

Dimensions: W80 x H74 x D45cm

A lot of folding desks are more functional than beautiful; but this simple oak-finished number is both. It even has cutout handles to make moving it about easy, when you're not using it.

Dimensions: W90 x H78 x D40cm 

We love the smooth curved edges here; very retro. Top with a delicate trailing plant to finish the look. 

Dimensions: H40 x W60 x D16.5cm 

Another one for small space-dwellers here. If your living room is just too small to avoid working at the kitchen table, then at least this folding option can be hidden away when not in use, giving you back another precious square metre in your home.

Dimensions: H71 x W78 x D96cm

Another wall model here – this time in sophisticated mango wood. There's lots of smart storage inside, too: it comes with built-in small pen-pots, a narrow shelf and a spot to store your laptop. As a bonus, there's even a cable management hole. 

Dimensions: W90 x D18 x H58cm

This is a bureau, really, but we still think it counts as a folding desk: when the desktop is up, it's just 40cm deep, so it won't intrude on your room much at all. The deep blue hue adds some sophistication to your room and there's plenty of storage for all your bits and bobs.

Dimensions: H115 x W80x D40cm

This one is really sweet: if you're a fan of pale woods, muted tones and Scandi vibes, this simple birch plywood number will suit your space. 

Dimensions: H60 x W70 x D15cm

You don't get much more unobtrusive than this. This teeny shelf (although it's available in different lengths) folds down after use, making it virtually disappear. You don't even have to find anywhere to store it. Great for small spaces. 

Sleek and narrow, this wooden desktop should fit in with most interiors styles – and it's on sale right now, so grab a bargain while you can. 

Slot this into an awkward nook and voila: instant workspace. There are two colours to choose from, too. 

Dimensions: 80 x 45 x 74 cm

Missing your swanky standing desk while WFH? This folding laptop stand is the next best thing. No frills, yes, but it'll get you off the sofa, at least. 

Who said folding desks had to be compact? This large number has room for you and your partner to sit together while you work, which we think is really lovely!

Dimensions: H74 x W160 x D60cm

So, this is a table rather than a desk per se, but that's not a problem – it just makes it even more versatile. Pop it outside for guests to sit around during your rule-of-six do next month, when you're off work. 

Dimensions: H75 x L70 x W60cm

If you really MUST work from bed, at least this folding organiser will make things a little more professional. (You could use it for breakfast in bed, too, which is fun.) 

Dimensions: L23.6 x W16.5 x H11.8inch

Made from natural plywood, this is a great sustainable option, if eco creds are important to you (which, naturally, they should be). 

Dimensions: W100 x D55 x H74cm

If you need a second screen, or you have lots of documents you need to hand during your workday, you'll like this one. There's plenty of shelf space to keep everything close by. 

Dimensions: W70 x H60 x D76cm

Here's another option that'd be good to keep in your bedroom to use as a dressing table when things are back to normal. 

Dimensions: W78.5 x H62 x D40cm

Fan of the industrial look? You'll like this concrete-topped option. For a folding desk, we think it's really stylish.

Dimensions: W90 x D45 x H74cm

Again, more of a table than a desk but this is a great (and beautiful) multipurpose option. The tray is removable too, which is handy. 

Dimensions:  H62 x W50 x D35cm